About the Tayside Language Centre

Our centre and its group of tutors is an educational establishment providing a structure for language learning and promoting the future of languages and cultural diversity awareness.

Drawing on the professional skills and many years of experience as language teachers of the three founding members, the Centre is committed to offering a variety of courses in the area, and is developing partnerships with local organisations as well as those abroad. We were accepted as a Learn Direct Scotland Branded Learning Centre in May 2009 (No 329).

Our courses are delivered face to face or by distance learning, part-time
or intensively. Tutors are either native speakers or experienced tutors of languages. Programmes are innovative, learner orientated, flexible and can be tailor-made for individual clients. Our commitment to languages ensures we will not cancel classes unless absolutely necessary.

Joyce Hinrichs
I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed a rich career teaching both English and Dutch in various parts of the world as well as in the Tayside area more recently. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of language learning and enjoy having the opportunity to promote communication through language in the classroom as well as in everyday life. My other work interests include translation and interpreting and I have assisted various organisations within the local business world in this way.

Catherine Meyer
I am the only non-teaching member of the team, but share with my colleagues the same passion for languages. I’ll be dealing with the administration of the company. Since I qualified as a trilingual secretary in France I have pursued my interest in modern languages either through various secretarial positions or through learning different languages for personal development and for travelling and discovering the four corners of the world.

Fabienne Raeside MA, MLitt, FHEA
I started my career with teaching English as a foreign language and
went on to teach French, my native language in Scotland. I have 18 years'
experience teaching undergraduates and postgraduates at various
universities, teaching French to Primary school teachers while at the same
time being involved in teaching life-long learning programmes to the public
and working in translation and interpretation for the business community.


LearnDirect Scotland Branded Centre No: 329 (Skills Development Scotland)

Included in the Register of Education and Training Providers ref:15599